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Boost Energy, Improve Cognition and Motivation Levels

I saw this on Facebook and I wanted to let you know about it while it’s still fresh on my mind.

Yes, it’s something really juicy… and also insanely important to boost your energy, and improve cognition function and motivation levels, so you can be the best version of yourself - at home and at work!

Check this screenshot out:

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Interesting, right?

I saw this on Facebook and immediately thought of creating this blog, because there is such a valuable teaching moment present right there!

Most of my clients don’t realise there are other options, than taking antidepressants, before you even know the underlying cause of what’s going on.  What if the cause of your symptoms isn’t a serotonin deficiency at all?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could perform a test that assesses your neurotransmitters levels to work out which ones are imbalanced, so you can tailor your treatment to suit?

Recently, there have been many of my clients who said they needed help with reducing anxiety, boosting your mood, improving cognition function, feeling less anxious and overwhelmed, enhancing energy levels and promoting better sleep.

This Facebook post shows something - that by assessing your neurotransmitters and getting on top of a simple brain chemical imbalance, you can improve your motivation, cognitive function and reduce addictions.  As well as reducing anxiety and depression.

It reminded me that we make things so difficult for ourselves when things can actually be so easy!

Like how Julian who I mentioned in this “Some Happy Clients” blog, was able to reduce stress, improve his energy levels and sleep better, so he could hold down a full-time job again and do what he loves!

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