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People often ask, ‘What is a Naturopath?’  We’re a bit of a one stop shop!

At Naturoway we use a wide range of treatment methods, to help people reach their health goal.

We’re a combination of a Herbalist, using herbal medicine for treatments.

A Nutritionist, using nutritional medicine to treat health issues and we have extensive knowledge in health and pathology, combining traditional treatments with modern evidence-based science.

When I researched the definition of a doctor, I found ‘a person who is qualified to treat people who are ill’ and ‘to treat an ailment and apply remedies to’.

Maybe this is why a Naturopath is referred to as a Naturopathic Doctor in the United States of America.

However, we are very different from a doctor.

At my natural medicine clinics, in the Western Suburbs, I treat the whole person, in mind, body and spirit.

I spend anywhere from 20 minutes for a return consultation and up to 60 minutes for an initial appointment; and I aim to treat the root cause of an illness, not just stop the symptoms.

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Having experienced my own mental health struggles when I was younger, I had numerous doctors wanting to prescribe antidepressants, but although I’m not against Western Medicine – I understand there’s a time and a place! – I wanted to explore other treatment methods, using natural approaches, without the nasty side-effects.

Mental Health Expert: Women health clinic in Altona

If you’re looking for a women health clinic, that uses natural approaches to treat painful periods, fertility, irregular periods, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), heavy periods, endometriosis, fibroids and prevent oestrogen dominant cancers, including breast cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer, then you’ve found it!

I don’t believe going on the oral contraceptive pill is the answer.

I use diet, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and creams to balance your hormones.

Having experienced four miscarriages and fertility issues myself, I have extensive knowledge in this area and know how much a hormone imbalance can affect your mental health.

That’s why I take my mental health service seriously!  I passionately educate and empower people to take control of their own health.

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Our clinic is based in Ardeer, however we service all the areas below:

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