My Hormonal Imbalance Story

My Hormonal Imbalance Story

I know what it’s like when your hormones are out of whack! I’ve been there…

I think I broke up with every single boyfriend when I was premenstrual! I remember having a huge fight with my ex, because he wouldn’t give me his half of the chocolate bar we were sharing.  I know how crazy that sounds, but hey… I was a little crazy back then. I was irritable, snappy, miserable, teary, overweight and I felt totally out of control.

The other big thing for me was that my appetite would increase for two weeks of the month where the pantry was literally calling my name and I was binge-eating.  I was insatiable! I remember seeing a doctor who told me I didn’t have enough will power.  To which I replied, ‘I’m a black belt in karate.  I’ve got more will power than anyone I know!’

Then of course, I’d have to go on a strict diet and exercise program for the following two weeks just so I could maintain my weight.  It wasn’t even to help me lose weight and feel great – I was just playing catch up all the time. I was stuck in this cycle for years!

The thing I’ve really noticed with doctors – both when I’ve visited them or my clients have told me about their visits – their answer is to either go on the oral contraceptive pill or on an antidepressant.  Both of these can actually have nasty side effects, including weight gain, sexual dysfunction and even death in some cases, so I don’t believe it’s the answer.

Often they’re prescribing a pill that contains oestrogen which could potentially be making your hormone imbalance worse and predisposing you to endometriosis, breast and uterine cancer or fibroids.  

That’s why I like to do pathology testing to learn what’s going on first, before I start messing with boosting or reducing hormones. I’ve never had a blood test that a doctor has done, show up with an hormonal imbalance. Everything always seems to be fine. However, the saliva hormone testing I perform through a laboratory shows a true reflection of what I’m presenting with. It was a huge piece of the puzzle that helped me finally fall pregnant after months of trying to conceive my beautiful children.

I use herbs, supplements, diet and lifestyle recommendations to help your body clear excess oestrogen or increase progesterone. I’ve helped loads of happy clients reduce premenstrual syndrome (PMS), eliminate painful and heavy periods, reduce menopausal symptoms and fall pregnant.

Let me identify the cause and use nutritional and herbal supplements to effectively restore hormonal harmony and give you back your life!

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