My Happy Clients

I just wanted to share some feel good stories about some of my clients who have really turned their health and quality of life around.

a)     Julian – Adrenal Fatigue

Julian was able to grow two successful businesses before coming to see me, but by then he was so burnt out that he couldn’t hold down a job because he was utterly exhausted.

He was tired but wired at night, where he wanted to go to sleep but his cortisol – stress hormone – levels were keeping him awake at night.  Then even though he had floodlights that switched on when his alarm went off in the morning, he still couldn’t wake up!  We were able to assess his cortisol and neurotransmitter levels to find the underlying cause of what was going on.

I then supported his adrenals and rebuilt his neurotransmitters so he could return to work. He still calls me every now and then to thank me for turning his life around! 😊

Here’s Julian’s 5-star review on Google… “Brilliant. I was amess, not sleeping with adrenal exhaustion and waking up each day not able to function. Julie diagnosed what doctors or sleep professionals couldn’t, using [a] neurotransmitter test. It’s an education. Can’t speak highly enough of her.”

b)     Sabrina – Fertility and Pregnancy

Sabrina had already fallen pregnant with ease years earlier, but when it was time to conceive a sibling for her son, it took a lot longer than expected.  We performed saliva hormone testing and found that a hormone imbalance was getting in the way.

We were able to determine her fertility window and balance her hormones.  A few months later, we were elated with the news that she was expecting again!

It was lovely to be able to support her through each stage of the pregnancy process – from preconception care, throughout the pregnancy and beyond.  I wish her and her beautiful family all the very best.

Here’s Sabrina’s 5-star review on Google… “Julie has been super supportive my whole journey! Couldn’t ask for a better experience. She’s honest and reliable and available any time to talk.”

c)      Louise – Digestion and Gut Health

Poor Louise had been suffering with gut issues for years.  They were so bad that she had her gallbladder removed, hoping the symptoms would subside, to no avail.  I did some further investigations and found that she had some digestive issues, low good bacteria levels and several gut infections that hadn’t been picked up in any previous testing.  We performed my Detox and Gut Health Program and she was feeling better in no time!

Here’s Louise’s review on Facebook… “Julie is so amazing, the test results she has completed on my gut found so many infections! So glad to have her provide me the best naturopathic treatment.”

d)     Tammie – Personal Training

I was asked to run Personal Training sessions for some lucky competition-winners by Priceline and a Corporate Wellness company.

Tammie was a superstar! She had been given some physio exercises that she was doing regularly, but hadn’t realised she was doing them incorrectly, with poor technique.  Once we made some changes, her pain had dissipated, and she was bursting at the seams with joy!

Here’s Tammie’s review on Facebook… “I did a competition through Priceline and actually won my choice of prize, a one-on-one personal training for any day I chose and really stoked I did. My personal trainer was Julie, I had an absolute blast working out with her – she’s outgoing, fun but good to work with, she praises u [so] u know how well u are doing and I would highly recommend working with Naturoway and working out with Julie. ☆☆☆☆☆”.

e)     Tango Energy Employee

I performed workplace health checks at Pacific Hydro and Tango Energy, where their employees completed questionnaires relating to their cardiovascular, mental, sleep, gut and overall health.  I also performed tests that evaluated their blood pressure, heart rate, body composition, body mass index (BMI), bone mass, hydration, zinc levels and metabolic age.

Most importantly though, I assessed their visceral fat levels, which is the dangerous fat that surrounds your vital organs, which is directly linked to an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and further illnesses.  To find out how you can improve performance, lift morale and reduce sick days in your workplace, please visit:

Here’s a comment from one of the happy participants… “Super stoked to have been offered this in the workplace. I have never had any sort of full/general health checks. Top to toe for once in my life. :)”

Thanks for reading and I look forward to helping you on your journey to be happy and energetic, feel calm and sleep well.

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